Bennington Snowdrops

Eve Daniels Photography
24th February 2018

On the first sunny weekend of 2018 I decided to take a trip down the tiny, winding country roads to the little village of Bennington.  The Bennington Lordship estate opens their gates to the public every year when the snowdrops are in bloom.  Considering this is such a small, remote area of Hertfordshire, I was amazed at how busy this garden exhibition was, but when I started roaming the vast area I realised why.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Perfect for an engagement shoot, even without the snowdrops, however I am unsure if this is allowed as this location has been used for photo shoots for VogueVanity FairHello and OK! and television episodes such as Just William and Humans were filmed here, so not holding my breath.

Armed with my new camera and a range of lenses I took a number of images last week.  Here are a selection of my favourites.


The Snowdrops at Bennington Lordship is open from 7th February to 4th March - 12-4pm

PRICES: Adults £5. Children: 12-16 yrs £2; under 12’s free

For more information visit: 

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