Princess & Superheros

Eve Daniels Photography
14th July 17

I am very lucky that my gorgeous little girl loves dressing up and she was more than happy to help her Mummy promote the new Princess & Superhero Mini Shoots and show off her outfits. Unfortunately we didn't have a superhero costume to hand, but we did have an awesome pirate outfit, some fairy wings and accessories, plus the continuously worn, practically filthy, one and only Elsa dress.  

Elsa and Frozen is EVERYTHING to a 3 year old girl, which was the feeding fire behind my thought process for these mini shoots. Although, believe it or not, after shooting all three scenarios - Elsa, Fairy & Pirate- it appeared that the fairy outfit was in favour over Elsa, as she wanted to do another set of frames whilst wearing the fairy wings again, which I did not argue with.  Anything to get some more lovely photos. This time round we used a white background which gave a completely different composition in comparison to the black background we used earlier.

Leaf throwing was extremely enjoyable and the photos really emphasis the joy she had whilst launching them into the air.

I had a mixture of backdrops to work with, each one selectively chosen to enhance each outfit, and along with some extra props, the photos were successful, even though there were a few moody moments, we still worked through it. It was a fun afternoon.

Here is a gallery of my favourites: 

Just to show that little angels are not always little angels! 🙂

Princess & Superhero Mini Shoots are coming in August.  These will be studio style shoots at my mini studio in Chells Manor, Stevenage. For further details and pricing information please click here.  Packages for these shoots start at ONLY £20. I would be overjoyed to see you come and support my little business venture and what a fun way to do it.

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