Summer Couples

Eve Daniels Photography
31st August 2017


What a great summer of couple shoots. It started off so promising with the heat wave but, to be honest, it hasn't been the greatest summer weather-wise, has it? Luckily all of the shoots avoided the dull weather, resulting in some fab pictures. And I have also discovered some picturesque locations that I did not know existed beforehand.

The first couple was Carly and Mike who chose Norton Common in Letchworth for their shoot on a beautiful sunny evening. These shoots are such a great way to spend some overdue quality time with your partner.

The June evening was gorgeous and I couldn't resist the glistening sun peering through the trees.

In the open spaces of the common we were able to catch some fabulous light and, to end up with, the sun setting through the trees resulting in some awesome lens flare in JJ Abrams style - my husband would be so proud 🙂  


My shoot with Lynsey and Terry took place when it was 32 degrees.  It was so hot I nearly melted, but luckily Lynsey had chosen a cool, shady wood as the location for this shoot.  Campton Plantation, to be exact, inbetween Shefford and Chicksands on the A507. This was a gorgeous, quirky little wood with a number of sculptures, of which a couple we used as seating or accessories. 

With the strong sun streaming through the trees the light was too tempting to resist.

And this is one of my favourite photos of all time.  I love the colour and softness of the picture and I adore the look on their faces.


Stuart and Jayne's couple shoot was a little different.  They had a couple of models joining them... their two gorgeous doggies, who were so well behaved, but Caspar appeared to be very camera shy.  He just would not look at me.

The photo shoot took place in their family garden, so there was a little less space to play about with than usual but we still managed to produce some lovely pictures.  This was one of my favourites as a couple shot.


The stunning Ashwell Springs was where Leanne & Boyd chose to have their couple shoot. Another beauty spot I was not aware of. The springs are situated in the middle of the village of Ashwell in Bedfordshire, although if you drive through the village you probably wouldn't even know it was there. Just like I shamefully did when I tried to find it! Wellies were needed as the water was so cold.

They decided to have a couple shoot to mark their 10 year wedding anniversary

The kids helped out a little as well.... 🙂 


Last, but by no means least was Matt and Tina, who chose to have their photo shoot in and around Ware riverside. There was a secluded area behind the weir where I was able to take some tranquil photos.


I also found a quaint industrial area close by which offered a different take on my usual couple shoots. What do think about this blue door scene? I kinda liked it.

One thing I love about a river are the beautiful barges that give off so much character, so I think this is one of my favourites from the shoot. 

Finishing up with a black and white close up.


I offer couple shoots all year round.  so if you are interested in having one please do get in touch.

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