All About Eve

 Hello and welcome!

I'm Eve and I'm a creative wedding and family photographer based in Stevenage Hertfordshire.


I absolutely love taking photos of people.  Everyone is unique and photos emphasise the characters and beauty within each and everyone of us.  It is also wonderful to see the loving and sometimes quirky relationships between those I am shooting, whether it be a parent/child, sibling, platonic or romantic relationship.  Every photo tells a story. 


I have had the privilege of being asked to take some beautiful family portraits over the years, and be the main photographer at some stunning weddings.  My main objective as a photographer is to make everyone in front of the camera feel relaxed and comfortable, as well as adding a little fun to the mix.  I have witnessed that even those who are dreading the shoots enjoy the experience thoroughly, which makes my job even more rewarding.  


I have taken a camera everywhere with me since I can remember. When my husband and I first dated our friends referred to us as "The Camera Couple" as both of us always had a camera to hand.  Now-a-days my husband tends to leave the photo taking to me.


My whole world evolves around my husband and our gorgeous little girl. Since having my daughter I've realised how important it is to document everything as she grows and photos are the perfect way to remember things by, like how small she was, the time she ended up with a custard tart in her hair, and when she had teeth like a vampire. Photos are so important to me. Without them I would be lost. 


Outside of my family, and as well as chocolate and coffee, my biggest passion is photography.  I love being able to create a photo out of an everyday situation and making it beautiful.  My creative streak has allowed me to dabble in music, literature and art over the years, but photography definitely gives me a sense of achievement that I have not found through any other hobby nor job.  I thrive on being able to produce photos that other people can cherish. signature



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